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Photographing Aidan was such a joy! Not just because he’s super adorable. Not just because he has the cheekiest butter-wouldn’t-melt grin. And not even because he’s family although I might be slightly biased. Nope, it’s because it was just one of those moment I was glad to have the camera in my hand, having fun snapping away. I often have a camera in my hand, it kinda comes with the territory of being a photographer, but this was just for fun. Just because we could. And why not? Often the ‘best’ photos are taken when nothing is staged or posed, they just kind of happen.


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Patricia and James’ wedding was as glamourous a wedding as they are a couple. It was such a fantastic experience to witness and be a part of, from the moment I arrived at Patricia’s family home the excitement of the day had well and truly begun. With family from across the globe the house was buzzing with aunts, uncles and cousins singing, preparing food and catching up. This definitely set the tone for the celebrations to come. From a Lebanese family, Patricia observed many of the Lebanese traditions on her wedding day including being surrounded by flowers, dancing, drumming, singing and prayer the house was filled with joy and laughter. It was one big party before the ceremony had even begun,  I had never been part of an experience like this – it was amazing! These images are just a glimpse into Patricia & James’ amazing wedding day, but I had to share this awesome experience.

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