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What to wear

The most commonly asked question in the lead up to family portrait sessions is usually “but what do we wear?” While it’s important to put some thought, it’s not critical to rush out & buy the entire family coordinating outfits.

The best thing about this is there’s no rules! basically wear whatever you like, but if you’re anything like me a little direction can go a long way. So to give a bit of inspo I have put together a list of items that work well in family photos

  • Neutral tones {blues, greys, white, pastels, denim}
  • buuuut, don’t be afraid of colour if it’s your thing
  • Small or soft patterns & prints
  • Be comfortable – if that’s a dress/jeans/no shoes/shorts go for it! You can be as casual or as dressy as you want
  • Avoiding bold logos or prints. Also, remember the early 90’s when everything has giant Hot Tuna or Esprit everywhere…yeah not so cool on mum’s photo wall now is it?
  • If in doubt have a back up option ready to go.
  • A smile