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Frankie {The wonder dog}

I never thought I could feel love for an animal like I do for Frankie. He has really brought so much joy into my life although I will be the first to admit I had moments of “What have I done?!” but they were only fleeting.

Fast forward a few years and Frankie, now 3 years old, has almost outgrown his puppy-ness!  He sits, drops, comes back when I call him – okay not so impressive but he’s come a long way from the crazy little guy I brought home and anyone who knows him will attest to this! So, he might still be a little bit of a nutter,  but you know I wouldn’t have him any other way!

So why am I sharing this with you?  Like most dog owners I love my dog like a family member, he’s my little mate and nothing beats coming home to Frankie’s waggily tail.

If you love your pooch just as much as I adore Frankie-dog, then get in touch and arrange a portrait session with your furry friend!


Nicola xo


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